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With Odium, the band celebrates the first song with a featuring. Finlay Sky Davey from the band Kids in cages supports the band's heaviest song yet. The song will be performed live for the first time at the Openair Friendsheep.


Selfless Devotion

The band's second studio album was released on December 16th, 2022 and the streaming figures reflect the band's progress. The EP includes 5 songs that have already been played on the RTD Tour. The band is very proud of the final product and happy that it is finally available on the different platforms.

RTDT BannerFINAL.png

Reject the desolation Tour

13 concerts over 3 years. Yes, the Covid-19 pandemic has thwarted the band several times. In the end, however, it was still possible to experience some unforgettable moments. Be it their biggest performance so far at the Riverside Festival, alongside bands like Sabaton or Status Quo, or a streaming event at the Camäleon. In the end it was simply  nice to perform again without any problems or fear of being rejected.



Photo: Raphael Müller

BandxOst 2020

There was considerable dissapointment after a promising performance in the first round of the Contest, at Loucy, Chur but no slot in the final could be achieved. 

4 days before the final there was great joy as the contest reached out to the band with the message that one of the bands in the final (Mirkwood Spiders) had one confirmed corona case and they are now looking for another band to take their place. However, after the loss of their longtime member Dominique Ackermann, the band was still looking for a bassist. Finally Kevin McFlannigan volunteered to play as a help out bassist.

The niveau in the finale was enormously. The Jury had to make a big descicion. Sadly, in the end the performance was, also due to some technical difficulties, not sufficent.

Nevertheless the band agrees with the jury about the final descision to elect "No more Honey", "Sort of Sad" and "Rapture Boy" as the winners.

The Final has been streamed live on and can still be rewatched on their YouTube channel.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-12 at

Our SPH Journey

After about one year filled with shows for the SPH Bandcontest, our journey would soon come to an end. Thanks to our FoFamily and the Jury's decisions we were able to reach the Final on 11.01.2020. Alongside 11 other Finalists we've spent a long day in Zurich and were very happy to see our fanbus arrive at 6.30 pm at the Dynamo. That's when we knew that our Show is soon to begin.

Our Show began on Time (!) at 11.30 pm. Despite our big stage setting we were able to recoup 10 minutes delay. After 25 minutes of pure energy the winners ceremony began. Though it wasn't really surprising to us that the winners were those bands who were able to sell the most amount of tickets.

We want to congratulate every winner of the SPH Bandcontest and we are very proud of our 9th place.

Also we want to thank each and everyone of you, that accompanied us on our jurney from the bottom of our hearst! Thank you for your time, your engagement and of course for your financial effort!


WhatsApp Image 2019-04-19 at

Emergenza One Shot Night

One of the band's best performances came at the Emergenza One Shot Night. With a great performance as an entertainer and a super performance, the rather small audience in exile in Zurich was entertained. New possibilities were discovered how to convince the audience. In the end, however, it wasn't enough to take part in the next round in Geneva.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-06 at

Jonny's Lion Cave and Palazzo Beat Club

The next two performances at Jonny's Lion Cave and the Palazzo Beat Club took place quite close together. After the performance on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019, the band started just 3 days later on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 at the Palazzo Beat Club.
After these exciting shows, where the rather small but very fine audience was able to experience the new song "Stories of the Fallen", the band will now take a longer break from performing in order to concentrate fully on the album "Black Heaven". because this should be completely in the box by the end of May at the latest.

Demotape recording at Camäleon Vaduz

Reign of Terror was recorded as the first official demo tape at the Camäleon in Vaduz and thus saw the light of day as the first track from the Black Heaven album. The corresponding lyric video can be found under "Videos".

to the demo tape

Album crowdfunding via We Make it

Immediately after the first appearance at Mischufe 2018, things got serious for the four. They wanted to produce their album. But where did you get the funds from? With the help of WE MAKE IT, they started corporate funding in order to be able to finance the project with the help of voluntary donors.

After a strong start, participation decreased a little, 1/3 was reached and not that much time was left. So practically every free minute was put into promotion for the "Crowdfunding" project. Videos were used to advertise on all social media. An interview with Radio L was organized and a blog about crowdfunding was created on Rockette by a good colleague. And finally, felt at the last second, they still managed to reach their destination. Black Heaven can be produced!

With this in mind, the band would like to thank all donors again. Without you, what is coming now would never have been possible!

Thanks very much...  

Marion and Clemens Laternser, Patricia Schlegel

Pascal D

Christoph Schuepbach, TTA Balzers

Corina Eggenberger  

Mauela Eggenberger, Silvia Grünenfelder, Daniel Luther, Beat & Marlen Jacobi

Gämselibögg Gams

Andi Grünenfelder, Michael Ackermann, Peter Eggenberger, Gabriele Lopes Mistretta, Christiane King-Luther, Laura Fornasiero, Emil Laternser, Heidi & Werner Hochleitner, Monia Rohner, Marcelo Scarnato, Christian Müller, Sandra Ruppanner

Fabian Freitas, Yvonne Nagele, Pat Luther, Silvana Gschwend, and Björn Seger

Bernadette Müller, Tamara Zeller, Camille Dürr, Lisa Büchel, Alexandra Ackermann-Nägele, Ueli Eggenberger, Manuela Britt, Chiara Sulser, Livia Eberle, Anja Wälti, Janosch Bättig, Moritz Bättig 

Report on Rockette

On November 30th, 2018, Rockette published an article about the band Fate of Faith and their goal of raising money for a high-quality produced studio album through crowdfunding. Simply click on the link provided.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-27 at

Cameleon 2018

For the second, quite spontaneous performance, the guys thought of a very special evening. Because they showed with "CotC" that they have talent for entertainment. The three of them pounded the drums and produced a unique beat, which rose with Dominique's rhythmically perfect bass lead. The show was a success in other respects as well, the build-up of tension at the beginning worked great and the premiere of "Boisterous Silence" provided an end with an explosive feeling.


Mischufe 2018

Saturday, September 22nd was the day of the decision. The decision whether to continue with the band or not. And indeed, the concert was an unbelievable success. Nobody from the band would have imagined the evening like this. Great crowd, great atmosphere and a confirmation of the hard work that was put into the songs and stage show. So it was clear, Fate of Faith will continue to exist.

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