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Fate of Faith was founded in December 2016 by frontman Jonas Grünenfelder and former bass player Dominique Ackermann. In spring 2017 they got to know their current guitarist Noah Laternser via the "FindmyBand" website. After the official entry into the band, however, a one year-long dry spell followed. During this time no progress was made, written songs were not completed and there was not much activity. In the early summer of 2018, Jonas Grünenfelder registered the band for the 2018 Mischufe in Sargans. The ulterior move here was to leave the band after this gig due to the inactivity, but still be able play the written songs live at least one time. So the first appearance should also be the last. Patrick Sahin, who also played in Dominique Ackermann's second band, was hired for this performance. All songs were finished and practiced within 2 months. Even then, they wanted to create a little stage show, so they put together a small concept.

But after the performance everything turned out differently than planned. The positive feedback from viewers combined with the knowledge that something can be done together motivated the band to keep going.

Following Steps

The band then applied for various performances and together with the participation in various band contests (SPH Music Masters, BandxOst), Fate of Faith was able to record 14 performances in front of a live audience in 2019. The band also managed to release their debut album "Black Heaven" in October 2019. This resulted in a mix of new as well as the first written songs. More about the album here .

With the entry into the SPH Music Masters Final 2020, they actually wanted to set the start to another successful year with many performances. Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, all appearances had to be postponed. Including the probably biggest gig of the band at the "Riverside Open Air" in Aarburg. So they had to devote themselfs to another project.

Selfless devotion

"Selfless Devotion", the second studio album, presents the band's style in a new light. The EP contains 5 songs whose content mainly deals with topics such as depression, drug addiction, the destruction of one's own planet and the abuse of children in religious places. More about the album here.

The release on December 16th, 2022 ended the "Reject the Desolation Tour", which lasted more than 3 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A new Tour awaits 2023. The first one that should go beyond the own national borders.

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